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echo-sea replied to your post “this is the last night I’ll be off from work home alone at four…”

I feel you. When I was first married I worked from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and H worked 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. It was very rough. All the best for you.

thanks echo

i actually just got off the phone with him and he might not even take it.  all of a sudden things like the hourly rate and the schedule for the shift are different from what was posted when they were taking applicants for it.




16-year-old dresses as every culture and counterculture of the last 100 years

Flapper. Beatnick. Hippie. Hipster. 

In her project “Counter // Culture,” 16-year-old photographer Annalisa Hartlaub captures all the mainstream and countercultural movements that have defined the last 10 decades. The results are a stirring series of portraits that bring life to a century of women, contextualizing how the friction of mainstream and counterculture defined progression. 

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this is dope

Tarot Card for the Day September 23



Card for the Day: Justice - Trust that the Universe will meter out justice today.  All will work out accordingly and fairly.  Always remember: you get equal to what you give.  Mind your karma. Make honesty and fairness your policy for everything you do today.  Do the right thing, no matter what. Reap the rewards later.   

this is the last night I’ll be off from work home alone at four o’clock in the fucking morning waiting for my hubby to get home. 

Hopefully his new day shift allows for some more couple time.  This past entire year has been fucking killing me


I want to work in some cute little metaphysical & coffee & tea shop, I want to live by a beach and a forest. Where mist is thick and it’s always raining. I want to live in a small unknown town where witchcraft is common placed and everyone knows each other.

I want the air to be filled with magic.